a journey with prayer beads

a string of blue prayer beads

Prayer beads can be a meaningful part of your prayer life. I’d like to share my personal approach to using prayer beads as part of a contemplative prayer practice. Prayer beads are for anyone. Prayer beads have been around for thousands of years. I have heard the most about Catholics using beads when praying the … Read more

lectio divina

Colorful geometric pattern in reds and blues.

The term lectio divina means divine reading. It’s a contemplative prayer practice based on short Bible passages. The goal is not to study but rather to experience. Read on for an overview of lectio divina and a step-by-step guide. Overview of lectio divina: Lectio divina is an ancient practice. I’ve seen it presented using “the … Read more

praying scripture

An open Bible with a pen and a cup of coffee. The perfect inspiration for praying scripture!

Praying scripture is a meaningful part of my faith journey. I hope this resonates with you. What does it mean to pray scripture? It’s the practice of using Bible passages as the framework for prayer. Many people insert their name into the passage, while others use the phrases and ideas in the verses to build … Read more

planning a group study

Fruit in the background with title "Fruit of the Spirit study."

I love putting together studies to share with friends. I’m part of a wonderful group of ladies who plan the women’s ministry in our church. My role is that of Spiritual Growth Coordinator. I planned a study for us on the fruit of the Spirit for this year. What follows is my step-by-step guide for … Read more

think on these things

Decorative image featuring the Bible verse Philippians 4:8. This introduces a short devotional.

Here I offer a short devotional based on Philippians 4:8. It would be perfect to share with a small group or committee, or to use for your personal reflection. I love this verse. It’s an important reminder to us about where our focus is. As a rule, it’s best for our focus to be on … Read more