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Hello, friends!

I’m so glad you’re here! This is the perfect place to begin learning about Something Splendid.

A little about me…

My husband and I have built a lovely life in the Midwest. He’s a mathematics professor, and I retired from my halftime position teaching (also mathematics) at the same university a few years ago. I absolutely loved working with students. When I’m home, I do a lot of reading, solving mental puzzles, walking, and helping out at our church. I enjoy creating devotionals and studies to use with groups at church.

We like visiting our kids, who are both in graduate programs in the Midwest. We also enjoy visiting scenic places to hike together. When out and about in nature, we are especially drawn to mountain locations on the water, but it’s always nice to go somewhere new. In the spring and summer, we spend a lot of time in our church mission garden with a wonderful group of volunteers.

We have a feisty cat who demands attention often. She loves exactly four people and hates eight billion minus four people.

A picture of my feisty cat amid crumpled paper.

Why do I blog?

This blog started because I wanted to try something new. Stretch myself. Learn. (Sometimes I have to learn something several times!)

My posts will generally be short, simple, clean, and concise. I will work within the following categories:

Posts in these categories will appear in the corresponding section(s) of the website. The latest blog posts (whatever the categories) are featured in the blog section. My plan is to post once a week, so keep watching for new content. If you like what you see, please consider subscribing to my newsletter.

My favorite posts:

Why “Something Splendid”?

Note the definition of splendid: magnificent, impressive, excellent. This is my favorite word, and I want more of it.

Please join me in seeking something splendid!



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