home state themed gift ideas

I love putting together themed gifts. Many of my friends have a soft spot for their home state, so a gift based on that would be especially meaningful. Read on for some fun themed gift ideas–perfect for a hostess gift or housewarming gift!

Consider including items with an artistic flair.

Artist Amanda Klein has a studio in Alabama where she creates beautiful art. Her Amanda Klein Co etsy shop is one of my favorites. Everything is lovely, and their service is impeccable. They source all of their materials for art prints and stationery from other small businesses. Many of her creations are based on states and countries, so you can go there to find wonderful state-themed gifts:

  • art prints
  • flour sack towels
  • note pads
  • tote bags
  • vinyl decals
  • melamine plates
  • pillow covers
  • notecards

They really are gorgeous! She fills an outline of the state with drawings of flowers native to that state. Check it out!

Take a look at these beautifully crafted state-shaped wooden charcuterie boards.

Ty, a veteran, creates amazing charcuterie boards in his Maine shop from sustainable teak wood. Peruse the selection at his Great Moose Woodcraft etsy store. He reaches out shortly after you place an order, gives you a timeline, sends a photo of the completed project before shipping, and then uploads all of the tracking information. Fast and efficient service! A state-shaped board is a perfect addition to a home state themed gift.

Many states have a signature treat you could add to the gift.

I found a fun Taste of Home article highlighting pies (with recipes!) for all fifty states. If you’re not much of a pie maker, there are other treats you can make or purchase. I will list options for some states here, but you can find more at this link:

  • If you need a treat from my home state of Idaho, you should try Idaho Spud Bars or other classic Idaho goodies from the Idaho Candy Company. A dear friend’s family owns this company, and I’ve tried pretty much everything. It’s all fantastic.
  • Ohio‘s state tree is the buckeye. They’re known for a chocolate and peanut butter treat called a buckeye because it looks like the nut found on that tree. Here’s a link to a recipe for this special treat.
  • Pennsylvania has been home to The Hershey Chocolate Company since 1894. A nice assortment of Hershey’s chocolates would be a perfect addition to a gift for a Pennsylvania native.
  • Jolly Ranchers got their start in Golden, Colorado. The original flavors were grape, apple, and cinnamon.
  • Anastasia Confections invented coconut patties. They are based in Orlando, Florida, but you can find them on Amazon.
  • Kentucky, producer of 95% of our bourbon in the US, is also known for bourbon balls candy. This treat has been around since 1919.
  • Salt water taffy was invented in New Jersey. It’s associated with the New Jersey boardwalk.

Look for etched glassware for a particular state.

You can find numerous options on etsy. They also have glasses etched with street maps for specific cities. A set of these would be great in a state-themed gift basket. You could even include bourbon in the gift for Kentucky natives, or a California wine with stemware in a California gift.

Thanks for checking out my home state themed gift ideas!

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