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Welcome to the FOOD section of Something Splendid. Food-related blog posts will be linked here, and if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see some of my favorite recipes that I just had to share. Enjoy!

Food-related posts:

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I rarely create my own recipes, but I have found a few wonderful websites with splendid offerings! I will share some of my favorites here and add to it as I find more.

meat dishes

Greek Chicken and Potatoes from ‘The Mediterranean Dish’

I followed the recipe closely but didn’t add any salt. I just cracked pepper over the veggies and then over the chicken. I realized later that I forgot to add the broth–it cooked beautifully with that omission. It was just the two of us, so all I made was a nice tossed salad to go with it. If I were entertaining, I would have added bread and dessert.


One thing I especially love about pasta recipes is that they can be made a day in advance. That’s so nice when you’re hosting friends. I typically plan either a nice salad or a hummus plate with veggies to go with these, along with some bread or pita chips. Then the only other thing you need is dessert.

Pumpkin Pasta from ‘Dishing Out Health’

I’ve made this dish several times, and I’ve loved it every time! I do tend to use the whole can of tomato paste (otherwise the rest would waste) and a little extra pumpkin.

Stuffed Shells from ‘Dishing Out Health’

I typically use the entire jar of pesto (or I make my own batch). The last time I made this, I used whole grain penne instead of jumbo shells. I just tossed the nearly al dente penne with the filling mixture and layered it in the pan with the sauce. It was so much easier than stuffing the shells, but the shells do make for a lovely presentation.


Raspberry Ricotta Cake from ‘From a Chef’s Kitchen’

This is delicious! And so easy to make! I appreciate that this recipe makes a 9-inch cake, which is perfect if you want to serve it to a few friends and don’t want too many tempting leftovers. Smile.

Biscotti from ‘Basics with Babish’

There are several flavors presented here. I’ve tried many of them, and they’re all amazing! So easy! You can take the suggested flavors and swap out for different nuts, extracts, and dried fruits if you want. These make a great gift.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!



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