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Author Dana LeCheminant’s bio:

Dana LeCheminant has been telling stories since she was old enough to know what stories were. After spending most of her childhood reading everything she could get her hands on, she eventually realized she could write her own books, and since then she always has plots brewing and characters clamoring to be next to have their stories told. A lover of all things outdoors, she finds inspiration while hiking the remote Utah backcountry and cruising down rivers. Until her endless imagination runs dry, she will always have another story to tell.

Types of books:

Dana writes contemporary and historical romance. Her books are intense and emotional but with no explicit scenes.

Characters, characters, characters

I love a book when I love the characters. I like them to be perfectly imperfect, meaning that I want them to be lovable but real. I like to see them grow and learn, and as they do so I care about them more and more. Dana is a master of character development. In the books of hers that I’ve read so far, I’ve completely fallen for the characters and responded emotionally to them. I’m looking forward to reading more!

Series of interest:

I’m focusing on author Dana LeCheminant’s Love in Sun City series, which at the time of this posting is found in Kindle Unlimited:

This series features a sibling group finding love all at the same time. The four books take place during the same time period (over a month) and have intermingled scenes. That must be incredibly difficult to write.

Links to my book reviews for the Love in Sun City series by author Dana LeCheminant:

I hope you like them too! For more information about Dana, visit her website.

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