easy citrus scones

A close-up of a cluster of lemons on a tree.

These easy citrus scones are the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa on a lazy afternoon. Start by putting your flour and a stick of butter in the freezer the day before you plan to bake. This recipe calls for grated frozen butter, which makes it so much easier to fully incorporate all of the ingredients. … Read more

easy salad ideas

A large bowl of greens, small bowls of salad toppings, and the title "8 easy green salad variations for the not-so-serious home chef."

Here I offer 8 simple salad ideas (of the tossed green variety) that are perfect for people who don’t do much cooking. I am no chef, but I enjoy putting together fresh and healthy ingredients to make a tasty salad. Let’s start with dressings: We can’t forget toppings:  Nuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, or crunchy noodles … Read more