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Five-star book review of She Likes It, Hey Micah!

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She Likes It, Hey Micah is part of Dana LeCheminant’s Love in Sun City series featuring a sibling group. They each have a book in the series, and they’re simultaneously falling in love during a particular month. There are overlapping scenes within the books.

This book is a slow-burn romantic comedy with no explicit content. It features my favorite trope, grumpy-sunshine.

She Likes It, Hey Micah book cover blurb:

Micah Taylor is an eternal optimist, but with every first date that fails, her faith in true love weakens. When offered the chance to help reopen the lodge where her parents were married, Micah is determined to prove her worth and show her boss that she has what it takes to be a great event planner. But the grumpy assistant to the client, Fischer, sees her as a distraction from his own goals of taking over his boss’s company, and he seems to be in her way at every turn.

Despite his reservations, Fischer’s heart latches onto Micah the moment he sees her. As they work together, Fischer begins to realize that Micah could be the one thing he needs, but she deserves better than a broken man incapable of love.

But the more time he spends with Micah, the more he knows there’s no going back. He just has to hope he can become the man she has been dreaming of before she decides it’s time to move on to someone better.

The progression of Micah and Fischer’s relationship is so natural, and the characters have real depth.

The characters are so likable but also real. They have flaws that the reader can relate to. Fischer’s personal growth throughout the story is especially heartwarming, and her anticipation of his smile is a really sweet storyline. The way they grow in their understanding of each other is truly lovely. They begin to appreciate their differences and learn from each other.

One of Micah’s musings: “And Fischer? He seems grumpy enough that he probably doesn’t get a lot of kindness in his life. Assuming I have the chance to pull off this event, I’m going to make sure he is with me every step of the way, if only to disrupt his life and see what it takes to get a smile out of him.”

Quoting Fischer: “‘I like stillness,’ I agree slowly, ‘but I’m learning there’s something important in animation as well.’”

Another of Micah’s musings: “I’m barely comprehending anything he’s saying because his arm is speaking so much louder.” (when his arm is around her)

What a clever way to describe her growing awareness of Fischer. Smile.

I love it when a book surprises me.

She Likes It, Hey Micah surprised me. Twice. I’m not going to elaborate.

Why romance books are worthwhile:

Micah responding to Fischer’s shunning of romance books: “These books are more than just love stories, Fischer. They’re about growth, and acceptance, and finding a person who makes you want to be better…. Maybe I like knowing that I’m going to find a happy ending in each of these books because I’m not sure if I’m going to find my own.”

The way Fischer responds to this and shows that he listened and understood is really lovely. He offers vulnerability of his own.

I like this interchange because it reinforces my own feelings about romance books. I’ve found so many that are beautiful examples of growth and emotional depth. This one is a gem!

Definitely recommend!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my book review of She Likes It, Hey Micah.

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