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Houston, We Have a Problem is part of Dana LeCheminant’s Love in Sun City series featuring a sibling group. They each have a book in the series, and they’re simultaneously falling in love during a particular month. There are overlapping scenes within the books.

This book is a slow-burn romantic comedy with no explicit content. It is a baseball romance.

Houston, We Have a Problem book cover blurb:

Houston Briggs is at a crossroads, facing the possible end of his career after a devastating injury. With an uncertain future ahead of him …, he’s desperately seeking peace and purpose.

Enter Darcy Paxton, his refreshing new neighbor who is nothing like the women of his past relationships. There’s a realness about her that Houston can’t resist, and she sees the man behind the athlete, bringing calm to the storm of his life.

However, complicating matters is Tamlin Park, a tenacious sports reporter known for her exposés on athletes’ lives. Despite the threat she poses to his already shaky career, Houston can’t deny the chemistry between them, and she surprises him at every turn with her intelligence and passion for baseball.

Caught between two women who seem made just for him, Houston has no idea what his future holds. If only there was a way for them all to find happiness without someone getting hurt.

I must admit, I *greatly* anticipated this book!

After watching Houston’s siblings fall in love, and after seeing snippets of his story through their eyes, I was very eager to read the final volume of the series. I couldn’t wait to see whether he fell for his unassuming neighbor or the feisty reporter.

The book did not disappoint–there’s a fun and unexpected twist!

I won’t go into specific details because I don’t want to offer spoilers, but suffice it to say that author Dana LeCheminant surprised me. Smile.

As in her other books, Dana presents characters who learn and grow through personal struggles.

Houston’s thoughts about his biological father: “I seem to think about our dad a lot more than I used to. I’m pretty sure his sentence is up soon, which makes me itchy. He didn’t start off a wreck, but he hit a point where his life fell apart. I’m terrified everything is going to change for me as soon as I no longer have baseball to keep me occupied. What’s going to start my downward spiral?”

Houston’s thoughts about his developing relationship: “This is different. This is contentment and calm. This is a need to protect. This is a fear that I’ll never measure up to the man I want to be for her.”

Houston comes to terms with many changes in his life.

Not only is Houston navigating relationship choices, but he is also dealing with an injury impacting his career in professional baseball. Interwoven with that are all of his feelings about being there for his teammates.

Houston also has complicated feelings about his biological father and how much he should let him back into his life. He and his siblings support each other through these difficulties throughout the series.

A key focus of this book is Houston’s relationship with his twin Brooklyn and her growing feelings for his best friend Jordan. He clearly wants what is best for both of them, and he has to adjust to the changes their relationship means for him.

Definitely recommend!

It was so much fun seeing Houston’s story unfold and getting the final perspective on all of the siblings’ relationships. I hope you’ve enjoyed my book review of Houston, We Have a Problem.

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