Easter Topiaries

Easter decor has been in full swing around my house for a while now. I love all the fun things for spring and I just can’t help it. These topiaries are made from supplies mostly from the dollar store. I did buy the dowels from Wal Mart for .97 cents and the pots from Micheal’s for about .50 cents each. This project took me less than 3o minutes to complete.Easter Topiaries

-2 small terra cotta pots
-2 foot long (or less depending on how tall you like) wooden dowels
-2 small foam balls
-Foam Easter eggs (dollar tree had them in a package in their easter stuff and I used three packs, you could also use jelly beans)
-Hot glue gun
-Florist foam for the bottom of the pots
-Green moss/ easter grass for bottom
I apologize now for the lack of pictures. I took a lot, but they seem to be lost on my computer, but it is a pretty simple straightforward project.

First take your florist foam and glue it to the bottom of the pot. Take your wooden dowel and poke a hole through the foam ball. Alternating colors glue the eggs to the ball until it is covered. When you are done, poke it through the foam in the pot. Then add your moss or grass to cover the foam at the bottom.I added a ribbon around mine and I have also seen similar with the pots painted. You can really customize these to fit what you love.



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