5 Ways to get long bold lashes instantly


I don’t know about you, but envy those who have beautiful long bold lashes naturally. I go through great measures to make mine appear thicker and longer and I have tried so many tips and tricks out there that people claim work (but do not on me). I know there are special mascaras out there, but I don’t like the price tag on some of those. One product that I will spend money on though is Lilash. It is a serum that your sweep over your lash line each day. This is the only product that has ever worked for me, but if you guys aren’t ready to invest in a serum or product, here are tips that work instantly.

1. Heat your eyelash curler up with a blow dryer- not too hot, you don’t want to scorch your eye. You wouldn’t curl your hair with a cold iron, so why try to curl your lashes.

2. Baby Powder- my favorite way! Put one coat of mascara on and then dip your finger in some baby powder and rub on your wet lashes. You will look a little scary with white coated lashes but then put another coat of mascara on top of it. It will thicken your lashes and make them appear huge.

3.  Apply your mascara correctly- shake the brush at the base of your eyelashes. Give it a little wiggle to coat generously and then finish brushing it up. Wiggling at the base will coat the base making your lash line appear bigger and your eyelashes longer and bolder.

4. Try a different brush. I have tried nearly every kind of maybelline and cover girl mascara out there and they were only mediocre. I discovered it was the brush. I found a brush head I absolutely loved and just dip it into the formula. It works out so well and makes the world of difference.

5. Eyeliner- make sure your eyeliner is as close to the base of the upper lid as possible. Also another way to make your eyes pop is by only applying liner to half the bottom last. Start at the outer corner and line until halfway. Your eyes will instantly pop and create a bolder look.

There you have it, tips and tricks for eyes that actually work!